Already developed to the stage of a striking and resonant design by leading, contemporary environmental artists Dalziel + Scullion, the “Amulet” is expected to be unveiled in the City of London in 2020.

Amulet’s cyclical braid of ‘golden’ grass depicts the entwined aspects of ideology, ecology and commerce and this landmark sculpture will radiate far beyond its own physical presence. It will engage the philanthropic, finance and art communities, as well as the wider public on the importance of green investments as a planetary imperative.


“The proposed artwork monumentalises a simple gesture: a twisted loop of grass. It draws attention to our relationship and dependence on the earth. The circle, a timeless symbol, is associated here with the reciprocity of the earth and the idea that nature and finance must become equal partners to influence our combined futures – an earthly corona to focus our energies. The circle is gilded, evoking a wealth that is bound to the earth and the notion of sustainability.

Cultures and ideologies throughout history have used the symbolism of braided material as a powerful metaphor where each strand is made stronger by being bound together.” Dalziel + Scullion

Matthew Dalziel and Louise Scullion ( have collaborated together since 1993. Working in photography, video, sculpture, sound and installation, their artworks become conduits between people and nature, helping audiences re-establish connections with the natural world. They have exhibited widely in the UK and internationally.

Please note that Dalziel + Scullion until commissioned retains copyright and ownership of this design.

Picture5Size, Weight, Fabrication and Site

  • The sculpture will be approx. 4 meters in diameter. Between 1 tonne and 2 tonnes – people will be able to walk through it and interact with it
  • We are looking at making the sculpture from melted down £1 coins that went out of circulation in 2017
  • After extensive finishing, the sculpture will receive a ‘gold’ finish through a treatment process. The work will be engineered to have a minimum lifespan of at least thirty years
  • We are considering various sites in the City of London with the idea that the sculpture will be centrally located and highly visible.