About Us

The sculpture committee formed in July 2018 to honour Tessa Tennant’s desire for there to be a green finance sculpture in the City of London.

Our committee includes leading green finance, sustainability and art experts: James Cameron (Chair), Ian Callaghan, Mark Campanale, Rose Tennant-Dempsey, Paul Dickinson, Nick Robins, Ciara Shannon, Jeremy Smith and William Staempfli. We are also working with art experts Modus Operandi to ensure artistic integrity.

About Tessa – Tessa sadly passed away on July 7th, 2018, she is much missed and the committee is determined to take her vision forward to create a green finance sculpture.

Tessa’s efforts and achievements in the field of responsible investing and sustainability over the last 30 years have been outstanding. They have resulted in the establishment of funds such as the Jupiter Ecology Fund and the Green Investment Bank, enduring institutions such as CDP and UKSIF, the growth of the sustainable finance industry in Asia and globally, and latterly her work on finance to support the Paris climate agreement.  The number of people, ideas and organisations globally she has catalysed, or otherwise influenced, is also remarkable. The world has lost a great advocate and us, a great friend. It’s now up to us to take her legacy forward and continue her work with gusto. For more information visit: http://www.lifetimeachievement.uk.

From Kelly Riggs 2