It is our hope that the sculpture will serve an educationary purpose and our public engagement and education plans will help build the sustainable finance movement. We also hope that the design will become a symbol of the movement –  a kite mark of excellence and an inspiration for other financial centres across the world to commission their own.

  • Public Benefit – The Amulet will be an important piece of public art and will visually inspire and draw attention to the importance of sustainable finance as a planetary imperative
  • Education and Community Engagement: A unique benefit of this project is the way it will educate, engage and bring together different community groups from financiers, arts to the wider public on green finance
  • Culture and Arts – This project opens a new front in the green finance movement by focusing on its artistic and cultural dimensions and potential
  • Retail and Pensions – We want this sculpture to also inspire the wider public, to shift their investments and pensions to own green solutions and demand green financial products
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Involvement in this project ties closely into CSR and overlaps with areas such as environment, education and the arts
  • Celebrate Leadership – The sculpture will celebrate the work of pioneering green finance leaders and could become a highly credible mark of sustainable finance leadership
  • Global Symbol of the Movement – We want the sculpture to become a global symbol of the green finance movement. One that starts in London and is commissioned across the world
  • Environmental Sustainability – We plan for the sculpture to be made from old £1 coins and will be exemplary in terms of environmental sustainability.