Why A Green Finance Sculpture?

“As artists, parents and members of an urban community, we are personally very engaged by the ideas behind Green Finance, they seem to offer a way for individuals, communities and businesses to re-establish a bond with the wider environment we live in and foster the idea that nature itself is a member of that same community “. Dalziel + Scullion

Accelerating green finance is now a planetary imperative, but for a long time, sustainable investing and its products were a niche market. The first environmentally responsible funds were launched 30 years ago.

Today, while sustainable finance is finally receiving recognition as the key to economic and social progress and a critical tool to deliver the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, much more needs to be done to escalate sustainable investments.

If we are to make green finance the transformational force it needs to be, it must become a celebrated and visible part of our culture – inspiring our norms, beliefs and the touchstones that drive our everyday behaviour.

Sculpture and the wider notion of public art can often be the best way to depict complex notions, as it simultaneously speaks to our intellect and imagination. It can catalyse a deepening of thinking between individuals and communities and creatively inspire us on what comes next.

Make Green Finance Visible

The idea to commission a Green Finance Sculpture was inspired by Tessa Tennant OBE, a pioneer of sustainable investments and first launched on June 28, 2018 at an event celebrating Tessa’s extraordinary career.

See a video here. (Read more in the “About” section)


Why London?

As the source of much of the green finance leadership and the current global momentum, there’s no better place to create the world’s first green finance sculpture than the City of London.

It’s now time to celebrate the progress that has already been made and to creatively influence present and future investors on their financial response to sustainability challenges.

In 2016, London launched its own Green Finance Initiative, building on decades of innovation across asset management, banking, capital markets, insurance, regulation and research. Following on from this in June 2018, the UK Government announced that it will fund a new Green Finance Institute alongside the City of London Corporation to champion sustainable finance in the UK and abroad.

Go Global

Given its universal symbolism, we hope that the Amulet in London will inspire other financial centres across the world to commission their own.